Whirlaway Group, LLC

Security and Threat Assessment Solutions

Working with Us

When you work with WGLLC, you can be assured that the collection and analysis of all information will be held in the strictest confidence. We understand and respect the sensitive nature of your security concerns.

Our services include preparedness planning to help your organization establish and designate access points and evacuation routes; naming available emergency services and response times; identifying perimeter controls around the premises; and preparing security site assessments.

Our Process

When we consult with you, our first step is a conversation with your primary stakeholders. We learn about your institutional mission, the security issues that concern you, and discuss both your current and long-term security priorities and goals.

Next we gain an understanding of your institution as a whole by speaking with staff from all areas of the organization. We conduct a thorough threat assessment and analysis of your organization’s individual security needs and concerns.

Security & Preparedness Planning

Problems with security breaches and violent situations most commonly encountered are those coming from within an organization. Not only do you need the policies and procedures in place to deal with these issues--you need them in writing, so that all employees can reference them.

Having a security and preparedness plan in place is not unlike having an insurance policy. Along with the peace of mind it will give you, should a perilous or catastrophic event occur—from theft, vandalism, sexual harassment or workplace violence--you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to institute policies, procedures and a security management plan to deal with disturbing, threatening and dangerous situations. 

Threat Assessment

WGLLC will define potential risks to your facility and personnel and look at security issues--from locks to lighting etc., conduct a comprehensive threat assessment, and develop a comprehensive contingency plan. We will determine if you have an effective preparedness policy in place or help you to create or revise one, as policies and preparedness plans are living documents that need to be regularly updated.

Customized Security Analysis & Solutions

The combined information collected enables WGLLC to assemble the pieces of your unique security posture as we assess and analyze your specific security needs.

We prepare and present a report about foreseeable risks, identify those that exist within the organization, and suggest ways to address these issues in a multi-layered, sensitive, and budget-minded approach. This typically takes the form of varied solutions to particular issues, such as suggesting the option of increasing security patrols at night or installing lights in a potentially unsafe parking lot, for example.

Each individual security situation and vulnerablity is unique to that school or institution and addressed on a case by case basis. Taking into consideration the needs and cultural issues addressed by stakeholders.

Implementation & Support

WGLLC’s recommendations will subsequently be implemented through training and ongoing support to your organization by our consultant(s). The outcome is a thoughtful, professional and effective security program that is specifically designed to create a protected and secure environment for your staff, students, and visitors. People are your biggest assets.

We pride ourselves on a personalized, reliable and trustworthy focus on the precise needs of each of our clients and the consistent delivery of exceptional results.

Please contact whirlawaygroupllc@gmail.com for more information or for an initial telephone consultation about your organization’s security and preparedness needs—at no cost or obligation. Ongoing consultations may be conducted by phone or in person