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Linda Watson has contributed on the following projects.

Strategic Approaches to Information Sharing. A report on the 2013 National Summit on Preventing Multiple Casualty Violence. Linda Watson was one of thirty-one invited attendees for the April 9-11, 2013: Summit at FLETC's Headquarters in Glynco, Georgia. 

The Handbook For School Safety and Security. Best Practices and Procedures. Lawrence J. Fennelly | Marianna Perry. 

Security For Colleges and Universities. Lawrence J. Fennelly | Marianna A. Perry. ASIS International.

ASIS International School Safety and Security Council White Papers:

2014: Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Teasing, Hazing, Harrassing.

2015: Human Trafficing and Slavery: A Global Crime.

2015: Bullying Webinar: Linda Presents: Bullying: From A Law Enforcement Propective.